For local, domestic, and international moves, CBD Movers Melbourne has professional partners and movers in most Australian cities. Using our team for a relocation is a quick, easy, and dependable process.  

Within 5 minutes, you can receive quotes from reputable movers in your area. It is entirely up to you to decide what kind of service and business you want to personalise for a local move. 

However, if you choose a local removalist for a local move, it will be advantageous for you. They will give you the tailored service you need at a reasonable price. The following procedures will be used by the movers and packers affiliated with CBD Movers when you’re conducting your next move.

Move-In Survey: 

The survey is typically conducted over the phone with local relocation services. Packers and movers will call you and collect all of your moving needs; if necessary, they will conduct a survey to gather all of your needs and conduct a site visit.  

Disassembly of Furniture and Appliances 

Our affiliated movers will deconstruct huge furniture pieces to carry them safely. Disassembling is done to prevent damage that moving them whole can cause. Some objects that take up a lot of space are disassembled to make room on the moving truck or to make it easier to transfer the goods around your new home.

Proper Packaging 

Since the goods just need 15 to 30 km in most cases, skilled packing is not necessary for intercity relocation services. Therefore, the removalists will only pack delicate objects like mirrors, antiques, glass items, electronics, and so on. They will pack the items with high-quality supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and others.  

Loading With Care 

Loading is also an important part of the moving process. The moving pads will be used by our qualified professionals while they handle and pack your complete shipment with care. With the use of a clever strategy, all of your goods will be loaded into the goods carrier vehicle successfully. 

Transport in Safety 

Our devoted movers will safely transport all of your priceless things to the destination place using a goods carriage vehicle after customer confirmation and payment conclusion. 

Unloading at the door 

Only local movers will help you from this point on; they will carefully and safely unload all of your priceless items from the carriage truck. The items will be cross-checked against the checklist after unloading.  

Our skilled removalists will safely unpack your belongings and your effects after the goods have been loaded and unloaded. The items will be checked off the checklist after a second unpacking. All the items that were disassembled initially and placed in a secure location on the floor will now be put back together.