How To Pack For A Storage Unit

Thinking about moving soon? Nervous about where to store all your clutter? Why don’t you begin by decluttering and getting rid of all the stuff that you don’t need for starters? This is going to make your packing a lot easier. But if you’re thinking about storing a few of your belongings in the nearest storage unit, you might want to exercise a little bit of extra care and caution with every box that you prepare. Apart from investing in the right packing supplies, there will be a few other tips that could come in handy when you are trying to make this house move successful. Let’s begin:

Get Hold Of These Packing Supplies Before Moving

1. Cardboard Boxes

Purchase only foldable and reusable cardboard boxes. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large. Look for wardrobe boxes as well if you want to store your apparel and expensive clothing.

2. Packing Tape 

You must buy high-quality packing tape for all your boxes. You might want to splurge a little bit on this little packing supply because it makes your boxes a lot more durable.

3. Packing Paper

Packing paper is a must, and if you cannot find it anywhere, which is highly unlikely, you can go with old newspapers as well. These are ideal for cushioning and the stability of your boxes.

4. Plastic Wraps

Plastic wraps are also a must because they add a lot of stability to your boxes. They can also be used to hold your wires, cables, and several small belongings together.

5. Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are a great way to add more cushioning to several of your items that are made of ceramic, glass, or porcelain. If you have any expensive items that need to be transported, bubble wrap can add protective cushioning to them on a budget.

6. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are always useful. There are some items in your house that get misplaced very often. You can store them in these plastic bags and then label them correctly to prevent them from getting misplaced.

7. Tool Kit

You will need a toolkit that has a screwdriver, extra tapes, pins, screws, nuts, drill machine, wire cutters, pliers, pair of scissors, a small hammer, and a lot of other items that will help you in packing and moving your stuff like a pro.

8. Labels And Label Markers

Get a label maker right away. Also, get a permanent marker along with it.

Supplies You Will Need On The Day Of Moving

  • A dependable rental truck to begin with 
  • Dollies to move your heavy furniture pieces and other cargo
  • Moving blankets to protect your items from breakage and damage
  • Lifting straps to help you lift all your heavy items easily
  • A solid ramp to assist you in transferring your belongings to the moving truck or the storage facility

Now Let’s Come To A Few Tips That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier When Packing Your Belongings For A Storage Unit

1. Research All The Easily Reachable Storage Locations

You will first begin by researching all the nearest storage locations in your city. Make sure that they are easily reachable and that their timings suit your schedule as well.

2. What Are The Storage Restrictions?

Any storage location that you choose will have its own restrictions. It could be the number of boxes that you keep inside them or restrictions about flammable items as well. They might not allow you to store any paint, fertiliser, chemicals, or similar items.

3. Decide Upon The Items To Store

You must decide on the items that you need to store in that storage. For this, you will have to come up with an inventory list of all your belongings. You must sort out the things that you want to keep from the items that you want to sell off in a garage sale.

4. Clean Your Stuff Before Packing

Before you pack your items, it is very important that you clean up all of them using a vacuum cleaner and then a moist microfiber cloth. You can use an all-purpose cleaning spray to clean your items thoroughly before you start packing them.

5. Prefer Clear Plastic Bins

You should use clear bins instead of opaque boxes to make sure that you know which box contains what items. It will make it easier for you to locate certain items that you want to unpack right away or the moment you move into your new home. The “not-so-important” stuff can always go inside your cardboard boxes.

6. Label Your Boxes Correctly

It is very important to label your boxes correctly before you stack them up in the storage location. It could be a locker or any old garage that has been repurposed to function as a storage unit for more than one user at a time. Therefore, it is important that you write down your name, contact number, and the contents of the box on the label with a permanent and waterproof marker.

7. Weather Protection Is Important

Weather protection is also very important, and this is where your bubble wrap and plastic wrap are going to come in handy. You need at least two layers of this material wrapped around all your boxes. Make sure that you lay down your boxes always on a waterproof mat or tarp that you will have to buy for the floor. In case of any unexpected weather, rain, leakage, or flooding, you will at least have the peace of mind that nothing is going to happen to your precious belongings.

8. Disassemble All The Large Items

If you want to store any large items, make sure to disassemble their various parts and store them in separate boxes lined adjacent to one another in the storage unit.

9. Prepare Your Electronic Appliances Well

If you want to store your electronic items in the storage unit, make sure to insulate them well enough. Remember to separate the detachable components and cover them with protective plastic wrap and bubble wrap before you set them in the cardboard boxes.

10. Stack Your Boxes Strategically

The last step is to place your boxes inside the storage unit strategically. You can either place them alphabetically or as per when you will need them after you have moved into your new home. You can place the boxes that contain more frequently used items right in the front. The items that you do not use daily or the ones that can be unpacked at a later stage can be placed at the back.

So There You Go

You are all set now to move your belongings to your preferred storage unit in the city. Just pay special attention to making your boxes weatherproof more than anything else. That is going to cover nearly about everything. Happy moving!

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