How To Find The Right Removalist Company For You

Moving houses is the kind of thing that can cause you to lose sleep at night. It’s stressful and can be incredibly time-consuming, but it’s also an opportunity to get a fresh start in life. If you want to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, though, then it pays to do your research ahead of time – and this includes finding the right removalist company for your needs.

Make a list of potential removalists

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to start making a list of potential removalists. Luckily for you, there are a few ways to do this. The first is by finding them online. Searching on Google and typing in “best removalist near me” will bring up many results with companies who offer their services in your area. You can also ask friends or family members if they have any recommendations; they may even have used one themselves!

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options within your budget, then it’s time to start calling them up and asking questions about their services. If possible, arrange an inspection or meeting so that you can see how professional each company is before signing up with them!

Get the right information

When looking for a removalist company, it is important to get the right information. You should ask them about their experience with moving people and goods. You might want to ask if they have any testimonials or other references you can use as an indicator of how good they are. You should also find out what equipment they have and how often they use it because this will help you figure out if their rates are reasonable or not.

If something happens during a move, you’ll want to know that the removalist has adequate insurance in place so that any problems are covered by their company’s policies.

Finally, it would be worthwhile finding out if there are any reviews or comments posted by previous customers who have dealt with this particular company before – this will give you some insight into how reliable they may be when carrying out your own move.

Check their reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your removalist choices, the next step is to check their reviews.

Checking reviews can help you determine whether or not a removalist company has a good reputation. While this isn’t foolproof, it’s an important piece of information that will help inform your decision on who to hire.

Here are some of the best places to find reviews:

  • Search for their name on Google, Facebook, and Twitter; see what other people have been saying about them (good or bad).
  • Look for reviews on review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp—just enter the name of each removalist company into these types of search engines with “reviews” as keywords and see what comes up. This will give you an idea of how well-known they are within your local area (or nationally). It’s also worth checking out any online groups related to moving companies so that you can get feedback from people who have used that specific service in the past – you may even find some useful tips!

Ask for previous case studies or some jobs they’ve completed

You want to see what your removalist has done in the past, so ask for photos of their work. This will give you an idea of how they handle their business and what kind of service they offer. If a company doesn’t have any photos, it could mean that they don’t get enough customers to warrant having them.

The vehicle used is another important thing to consider when choosing a removalist company, as this will largely determine how many items can be moved at once – and if it can fit through tight spaces like doorways and corridors. Also, look closely at the crew members who will be handling your belongings; if possible, ask for pictures or videos so that you know exactly who will be helping out with your move. The owner should also be visible in these images; after all, he or she is ultimately responsible for everything happening during the move!

Finally, look at photos from inside the office itself: does this look like somewhere you would trust with some of your most valuable possessions? And finally – in case anything goes wrong during transit – look into whether there is storage available after moving day has ended!

Ask the removalists to give you an on-site quote

When you’re looking for a removalist company, make sure you get an on-site quote. This will give you a good idea of how much the move will cost and whether it’s in your price range.

The removalist should be able to give you an accurate quote that covers all expected costs and fees so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the day. This means they’ll include things like:

  • The cost per hour or kilometre traveled by their vehicle and manpower;
  • The cost of packing materials (if required);
  • Insurance coverage; and/or
  • Any additional services purchased from them such as storage facilities or furniture repairs (if required).

Ask about insurance and licenses

As a consumer, it’s your job to do research on the removalist company you are choosing to hire. Some questions you should ask are: What insurance does the removalist company have? Is their insurance liability for damage or loss of goods in transit? This is important because if any of your belongings get damaged during the move then there needs to be some sort of compensation for this – this is where insurances come into play. The second thing that you should check with a removalist company is whether they have all the necessary licenses and accreditations required by law when performing their services. This includes things like forklift licenses, vehicle registration numbers, and CPQR accreditation (Card Processing Quality Regulations). These things don’t just let consumers know that the removalists are legitimate businesses; they also protect both parties involved in any type of transaction by demonstrating due diligence on both ends.

Get everything in writing

It’s a good idea to get everything in writing. If a removalist company has promised you anything, it’s worth double-checking that what you’ve been promised is actually written down on paper.

This means:

Get a written quote from the removalist company before booking anything. This will give you an idea of how much your move will cost and allow you to compare quotes.

Get a written contract once the move has been booked, detailing what services are included in their quoted price when payment is due, and so on…and make sure that all terms of this contract have been agreed upon by both parties before signing on the dotted line!

Make sure any additional fees aren’t buried deep within their website or hidden behind some vague legal jargon! You should receive an invoice at least 24 hours prior to pick up which clearly outlines everything they’ll be doing during your move (and any extras).

Take your time so you don’t end up with a removalist nightmare.

  • Be sure to check their reviews.
  • Get everything in writing and be sure to ask about any hidden costs before you sign on the dotted line (if applicable).
  • Ask for photos of their previous work so that you can compare it with what they offer today, especially if they have been in business for a long time!
  • Make sure they are licensed with the local council and have insurance cover in case anything goes wrong during your move (or while they’re packing up all your stuff).
  • Find out how many moves they’ve done before yours and if there were any issues with those jobs or their customers’ belongings, who did you call when things went wrong?


Well, there you have it! These are just a few important tips to consider when choosing a removalist company. We hope our article has been helpful and if you need any more information please feel free to contact us.