9 Things You Can Do With Your Old Furniture 

Oh, there is so much that you can do with your old furniture. Donating them or selling them is not the only option. However, we do have those options in a list that we’ve curated for you, but there is, as pointed out earlier, a lot you can do with your old furniture before you move out. Let’s have a look:

1. Donating It Is The Obvious Choice

Some of your furniture pieces will be perfect for the nearest charitable organisation. You can always find a bit of extra room in the nearest orphanage or your neighbourhood church. If there is a library that could use a few of your chairs and sofa sets, you can always donate to them as well. There is a lot to do with your old furniture pieces, especially ones that are still functional but you don’t have any use for.

2. Is There An Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company Around?

There are numerous eco-friendly rubbish removal companies in most cities. Do you know that close to 92% of these waste items can be recycled without harming the planet? These eco-friendly junk removal companies are capable of discarding and recycling almost all of your used materials, items, furniture, and fixers. It does not only have a positive impact on the environment, but it sends out a good message as well.

3. Put Up Your Furniture For Reuse On Social Media

You can always put up pictures of your furniture pieces on your social media profile for reuse. If there are any items that you think can be put to reuse by somebody in your social circle or in a local office that requires extra furniture items, you can always advertise them and sell them off at a reasonable price.

4. Recycle Some Of Your Items

There might be a few items in your home that can be completely recycled. There can be a few components of your existing furniture set that you want to replace, or you can recycle a portion of your belongings and replace them with new pieces to make an entirely new set for your new home. You can also think about reupholstering them just according to your new interior decor scheme in your new living room.

5. Reupholster Your Furniture Pieces

Reupholstering is a great way to put your furniture to use. It is also going to reduce your entire furniture moving load. Once you have gotten rid of the pieces you don’t want, you are free to repaint or repolish a few of your pieces just like you want them. You can give them a different texture and also add a bit of an extra layer of cushioning to several of your chairs and sofas. If you want to repaint the metal surfaces, there are so many options in the market to choose from. You can give it a shiny coat and then probably combine it with a brand new classic vintage upholstery for your new house. New fabric and fresh colours can turn your new home into something truly magical.

6. Is There A Thing Called Upcycling?

This is a great way to put your furniture pieces to reuse. Instead of spending money on moving old furniture from your old house to your new home, you can add new components to them. You can add stronger bolts, new joints, new upholstery, as mentioned above, attachments, and many other hardware components to enhance the utility of any particular furniture piece. For example, you can install a headrest on your already comfortable recliner. You can turn one furniture piece into an entirely different product that will look like something right out of an interior decor magazine. 

7. Sell Them For A Quick Buck

Just sell them off.

Yes, you can do that as well. You can organise a garage sale for all the furniture pieces that you don’t need before your house moving process begins. Just don’t expect these furniture pieces to fetch you a big margin or a profit. 

8. Repurpose Them In The Most Fun Manner

You can repurpose several of your furniture items in the most fun manner. The following are a few examples:

9. Turn Your Old Bathtub Into A Single Bed

This is one of the most fun experiments that you can try at home. Saw out a section of the bathtub wall to make it look like a bed. You can bolt in four legs underneath the bathtub. Invest in a beautiful floral upholstery for the soft single bed mattress that should fit inside the tub. Add a few lush velvety cushions and you are done.

a) Create A Countertop From An Old Book Rack

Your book rack has become worn out. What do you do? You position a marble top on the wooden top of the book rack. Repaint the entire book rack and add fixing pads underneath its legs. This will give it more stability. The added weight of the fixed marble top is going to keep it in its place.

b) Let’s Swing That Rocking Chair

So you have a few old chairs in your house. Chop off all their legs. Sand off the rough edges, and repaint it nicely. Use strong nylon ropes to hang the chair in an upright position from your backyard tree. You will need a few hooks, ropes, and screws to do the job.

c) Bookcase Out Of A Kitchen Cabinet

An old kitchen cabinet can be taken off your kitchen wall and repurposed as a bookcase. You just have to add a few more shelves and remove the back panel. Remove the hinges carefully and the doors as well. Sand it out nicely before you paint it in your favourite colour. 

Final Thoughts

You just have to reimagine furniture moving and your creative juices will just start flowing. It will also help you reduce your overall moving costs by decreasing your move volume greatly. Like we said earlier, there is a lot you can do with your old furniture pieces before you move out of your old house. Don’t let anything block your creativity. Happy moving!